Real life accounts from those who have experienced the care and support from the Disability Matters team

John and Laura Dubiner


“Daniel Licudi is a very special person who we cannot recommend highly enough. It is difficult to put it into words how devoted Daniel and the whole team at Disability Matters are when working with people with special needs. They often understand the people they work with better than their own parents do!

My son loves being with the Disability Matters team; they are really good for him and he considers them friends. My son will even say ‘the boys are going out together shopping!’, referring to himself and Daniel as ‘pals’! This was an amazing comment because my son is usually fairly non-verbal.

They will tailor sessions to the needs of the individual and the family. They are very good at managing people with special needs when they have a meltdown and always goes the extra mile whenever possible. They have become very involved with the family as well as our young person.

Highly recommended!

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"Mr. Licudi became an integral part of my autistic twin brother's lives when an unfortunate tragedy struck our family when the twins unexpectedly lost their father. Along with the support Mr. Licudi was already giving us, he went above and beyond to make sure that not only the twins were well looked after, but the whole family too."

Ruth and Menashe Sadik


“Daniel Licudi and the Disability Matters team have been working with our 17-year-old autistic son for the past 4 years.

From the start, the Disability Matters team came into our home with great energy, warmth and experience. They soon built a strong bond with our Si through building snowmen, playing games/puzzles, preparing breakfast, watching movies, taking him out to the park and trips to our local bakery.

They teach self-help skills in and out of home. We feel very confident that the Disability Matters team’s years of experience as teachers in special schools has given them the tools to cope with any challenging behaviour. They manage situations with confidence and ease, are a pleasure to be around and gives our family much respite.

Sarah-Jane Weisfeld


“Disability Matters helped us out during the COVID-19 lockdown when our son’s special needs college had to close.

The people at Disability Matters helped our autistic son with life skills; they were so caring and willing to help out. With fantastic knowledge with autism and learning difficulties, they planned the days tailored to our son.

They took our son on the Tube and Buses round London and updated us during the day with lots of photos which was so lovely. I would highly recommend the Disability Matters team; our son was always happy to go off with them and very happy upon his return.”

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"Despite our son having learning difficulties, limited speech and communication problems, as well as challenging behaviour, our son feels connected with the team at Disability Matters; they are very understanding of these challenges and know how to deal with young people in the best way possible."