Our Approach

Disability Matters has developed a range of personalised and targeted services designed to promote our core values of learning for life and independence.
Every young person, adult and service user is unique, so we have built a framework of services that adapt fluidly to the needs and wishes of the individual and families we support.
Consultation with each family to assess the needs and level of support required for each young person and adult.
Tailored session plans that are built around the young person and adults using our service.
Come rain or shine, our team of professional and dependable support workers will be there to do everything they can for each and every service user.
Experienced, reliable, passionate and engaged support workers who will carry out each custom session.
Ongoing assessment and support for the family so sessions remain high quality, motivating, relevant and above all, FUN for our service users.
Targeted support in respite, to instil core values of independence and learning for life, including travel training, shopping and cooking skills.

Who We Are

The knowledge and expertise of the minds behind Disability Matters is shared with every member of the team, ensuring that everyone in our family provides consistent and quality care.

What We Offer

With a wide-ranging selection of activities, Disability Matters provides tailored sessions that cater to the needs of the families and service users who lie at the centre of everything we do.